2024 Season Opener

When: April 13, 2024 - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Where: Mount Seymour - Parkgate
Parkgate Park, North Vancouver, BC, V7H3A3


After-ride Party at Seymour’s Pub starting at 2pm.

Meet at 10:00 am. Be ready to ride at 10:30 am.
Be prepared with enough snacks and water for a 3 hour ride.

RSVP is mandatory for all rides.  RSVP is open at 6pm on Sunday, April 7th

Please be prepared to show proof of membership ( digital card or confirmation email) if you are asked.

No Shows are Super un-cool.  If you sign up, please come.  If something comes up, no worries, but please change your status.

Check forum by 8 am for any ride cancellations in case of questionable weather.

E-Bike Update:  NSRide welcomes riders using Class 1 e-bikes in all groups.  New for 2024, we are introducing an e-bike only group on some rides.  This group will be available to advanced-level descenders who want to take full advantage of their e-bike capabilities on the climb.  Climbs will be faster and farther than non e-bike groups.

New to the club? Welcome!

When you arrive to your first ride, our Leaders are there to help. Seek out a smiling face in an NSRide Jersey if you have questions or need to be pointed in the right direction.

Make sure to also check out our What to bring section.

Beginner Chill (20 total spots)

Chill and Spicy combined. Will split into 2 groups

Ride leaders

Gilles De Condappa
Caron Cheng
Jonathan Wong
Dean Matthews
Julià Masmitjà Abad

Signed up members

Corina Schnell
Luis Valenzuela Medina
Jason Kenney
JP Cadigal
Brad Eastman
jon rawlinson
Tony Jang
Juliet Li
Jerry Fyfe
Robert Dermarkar
Kiersten Dermarkar
Amanda D
Karen Girardeau
Rami Alkishawi
Tyler Kehl
Nav Chahal
Yolanda Brooks
Andrea Lloyd
Elizabeth Reid

Intermediate Chill (33 total spots)

Will split into multiple groups

Ride leaders

Dan Hebert
Megan Hoodspith
Richard McLatchie
Ivan Soto
Quinn Duffy
Robert E
Ken Neave

Signed up members

Vatslav Kamionko
Nicolas Rees
Augustine Fan
Kris Mezynski
Jessica Ferguson
Kirk Jacobson
Narinder Dhillon
Naoko Louie
Christina Shearer
Matthew Hamilton
Chrystal Benedek
Dominic Chan
Izzy Wong
Renan Lara
Andrea Soto
David Soo
Lisa Phipps
Catherine Pitman
Juan Jose Cruz Martinez
Pippa Heath
Wing Poon
Morgan MacLean
Monique MacLean
Brad Hawthorne
Shanna Liber
Agathe Lebeau
Thomas Lauer
Aya Kubotani
Jeremy L
Lee Chase
Ike Noakes
Sumit Kothiyal

Intermediate Spicy (12 total spots)

Ride leaders

Bob Amos
Lisa St. Clair

Signed up members

Stephan Schoeller
Keith Murdoch
Erik Frebold
Daniel Camiletti
Gerald Sato
David Bishop
Janette Mezeyova
Ingrid Mullins
Matias Tencer

Advanced Chill (22 total spots)

Will split into 2 groups

Ride leaders

Sam Kahn
Dave Griffiths
Veronica Zammitto
Arnold Agno
Lisa Stabler

Signed up members

Dave Arthur
alex boston
Sean Hope
Brandon Hop
Scott Hunter
Bernard Laval
Corey Brennan
Petr Vales
Paul Leung
Andre Lechner
Guillermo Téllez
Trent Derkoch
Daryl Oishi
Matt Carter
Daryl Ternowski
Claire Tallon
Maysa Tsang
Jimmy Barahona
mark Vancorn
Martin Nigro
Greg Arbour
Larry Toube

Advanced Spicy (10 total spots)

Ride leaders

Mark Wilson
Michael Archer

Signed up members

Ignacio Garcia
sahand azad
Ross Dick-Cleland
Michael Merkli
Emmanuel RADET
Colin Walker
Patryk Skowron

Expert Chill (10 total spots)

Ride leaders

James Milne
Jarret Wall

Signed up members

Bryce Doig
Eric Smith
Ian Verrier
Michael Beresford
Colin Howard
Chris Mitchell
Matthew Cormons
Clive Mullins

Expert Spicy (10 total spots)

Ride leaders

Brian Brittain

Signed up members

Vince Beasse