Your Guides Around the Mountains

NSRIDE is operated by a group of 30+ dedicated volunteer Ride Leaders who love to ride and share their passion and enthusiasm for mountain biking.

Interested in becoming a Ride Leader or what it entails to be one? Click here to find out more.

Your Ride Leaders

Aly Salisbury
Arnold Agno
Bob Amos
Brian Brittain
Caron Cheng
Cody Warkentin
Colin Cameron
Colin Maynard
Dan Hebert
David Farrow
David Griffiths
David Stringer
Dean Matthews
Emily Hogg
Gary Tosh
Gilles De Condappa
Heather Schram
Ivan Soto
James Milne
Jarret Wall
Jessie Wall
Jonathan Wong
Julian Masmitja
Ken Neave
Lindsay Schram
Lisa Stabler
Lisa St.Clair
Mark Wilson
Megan Hoodspith
Michael Archer
Michael Caron
Mick Martinez
Nadine Laberge
Natasha Penner
Quinn Duffy
Rob E
Richard McLatchie
Sam Kahn
Sean Hommersen
Travis Robertson
Veronica Zammitto