Ride Levels & Trails

Our rides are organized into groups around rider ability from Beginner to Expert. To help members self assess which group to sign up for, we have developed some guidance based on a rider’s MTB skills and fitness level. Picking the right group will best prepare riders for a successful mountain biking experience.

You might not find the right group for your levels straight away, so feel free to move up or down between groups to find your perfect fit. Our Ride Leaders are always on hand to help guide your choice

Find your group

GroupRiding AbilityFitness Ability
Beginner 21
Beginner/Intermediate2 to 32
Intermediate Chill32
Intermediate Spicy33
Advanced Chill44
Advanced Spicy4 to 55 to 6
Expert Chill5 to 65
Expert Spicy66

Riding ability Levels

Ability Level 1

You’re new to mountain biking, having ridden only on gravel or tarmac paths.

Note: We do not offer a specific riding level for this ability. However, we recommend lessons from one of our partners, Endless Biking, to help you advance to the next level of riding.

Trails you usually ride: Pacific Spirit Park, LSCR, Fisherman’s Trail 

Ability Level 2

Trail types: Green Trails

You understand the basics of body positioning for uphill and downhill riding, are comfortable on flowy green trails and low-grade singletrack, and will stop to session some features.

Trails you usually ride: King of the Shore, Roadside Attraction, Bobsled, Empress Bypass

Ability Level 3

Trail types: Blue Trails

You’re becoming more comfortable with climbing and descending, feeling in control over rocks and roots, primarily riding blue flow and technical trails. You will stop to session some features.

Trails you usually ride: Upper & Middle Griffin, Leppard, Dreamweaver, Good Sir Martin, Asian Adonis, John Deere

Ability Level 4

Trail types: Blue & Easy Black Trails

Blue flow and technical trails feel comfortable, and you’re getting faster. You’re starting to explore black trails, occasionally walking certain features. You’re encountering bigger features, like 1 foot drops and occasionally steeper rock rolls of 1-2 meters, and will stop to session some features.

Trails you usually ride: Floppy Bunny, Crinkum Crankum, Kirkford, Expresso, 7th Secret, Pingu, Forever After, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Corkscrew

Ability Level 5

Trail types: Black Trails

You’re comfortable on all the black trails on the North Shore and are looking to try a few double black trails to challenge your abilities and push your comfort zone.

Trails you usually ride: Lower Oil Can, Pipeline, Lower Crippler, Executioner, Pangor, Severed D, Dale’s Trail, Cabin/TNT, Upper Boogieman


Ability Level 6

Trail types: Double Black Trails

Steep technical trails, large rock rolls, and North Shore woodwork define your usual riding day.

Trails you usually ride: Upper Oil Can, Bookwus, Grannies, Upper Crippler, Lower Ladies, Lower Boogieman, C-Buster

Fitness Levels

Fitness Level 1

You don’t get out much during the month but want to improve. You’re comfortable with 1-2 hour efforts and prefer more frequent rests.

Average rides: 1-2 per month

Fitness Level 2

You manage to get out about once a week. Your fitness isn’t yet where you’d like it to be. Comfortable with up to 2-hour efforts and frequent rests.

Average rides: 3-4 per month

Fitness Level 3

You lead a fairly active lifestyle and are comfortable with efforts lasting over 2 hours, taking regular breaks. You achieve reasonable speeds both climbing and descending, not setting records but feeling good.

Average rides: 1-2 per week

Fitness Level 4

You have a good level of fitness and enjoy pushing yourself. Comfortable with 2-3 hour efforts and taking regular rest breaks. You maintain a reasonable pace both climbing and descending.

Average rides: 2-3 per week

Fitness Level 5

You exercise at least half of the week and feel fit. Comfortable with riding for over 3 hours and taking limited rest breaks. You maintain a reasonable pace uphill and a fast pace downhill.

Average rides: 3-4 per week

Fitness Level 6

You exercise nearly every day and can be out on the bike for well over 3 hours with limited rest breaks. You’re fast both uphill and downhill.

Average rides: 5-7 per week

Trail Database


Trailforks is a user-powered mountain bike trail database currently focused on BC, Canada.  Trailforks is a platform for riding associations & riders to keep track of trail conditions, log work done on trails and monitor trail issues.  Below are some resources from Trailforks related to the areas NSRIDE goes.