Frequently Asked Questions


The NSRide membership allows you to participate in the group rides led by first-aid trained Ride Leaders and receive preferential rates on goods and services from club sponsors.  It also allows you to attend our social events and weekend retreats.  The NSRide membership is $70 and it is good from January 1st to December 31st.

The NSRide 1-week Guest Pass is ideal for anyone visiting North Vancouver or anyone wanting to try the club out before purchasing the full NSRide membership.  It is good for 1 week (7 days), from date of purchase.  After the week, you can upgrade your Guest Pass to a full membership.  Contact to upgrade to a full membership and you will be provided a coupon code.

NSRide is part of a registered non-profit society in BC and all proceeds go toward club operation (overhead) and club benefits.  Our overhead includes insurance, membership cards, ride leader first aid training and other administrative needs.  The club benefits include subsidized events and swag from our sponsorship partners.   All our Directors and Ride Leaders are dedicated volunteers and no one from NSRide is compensated monetarily. 

Unfortunately, we cannot pro-rate our membership fees.  

Yes please! The club is run by volunteers and it takes lots of time to process a manual (hard copy) registration. We have also gone fully digital with our membership cards.  Once you register online, you will receive a link to add your membership card to the virtual wallet on your smartphone.

Our membership gender profile is approximately 70% male and 30% female.  Our age profile ranges from 20-70 years old, with the bulk of our members in their 30s and 40s.

The membership registration is done online on the website.  You can click here to register.

After registering online, our Membership Director will send you a welcome letter and a second email with a link to download your digital membership card.  This can be added to your Apple or Google Wallets. Your card is an important proof of membership and may also be needed to receive the perks and discounts offered to our sponsors.

Yes, you have access to RSVP for group rides as soon as you purchase your membership online.

Bikes and e-bikes

You require a a mountain bike with front suspension at minimum. The vast majority of our members ride full suspension bikes (front and rear suspension).  Your suspension should be suitable for mountain biking, a department store or commuter style suspension fork is not suitable.  Ideally, you should have at least 140mm of suspension. 

Tires should be at least 2.1″ wide, although 2.3″ to 2.5″ would be ideal.  Semi slick or slick tires, while ideal for commuting are NOT safe for trail riding.  Having an appropriate tread pattern for off-road use is required.  A bike shop can help you select tires, if you are not certain.  

Your bike should have hydraulic disc brakes.  Due to the steep terrain of the North Shore Mountains, mechanical disc brakes or cantilever/V-style rim brakes are not sufficient. 

For added safety on our steep decents, we strongly recommend a handlebar activated dropper seat post with at least 125mm travel.  A quick release seat post that you can lower will also work, but a dropper post is ideal.

Make sure that your bike is in safe working order and fits you appropriately.

Beginning in 2023, NSRide welcomes riders using Class 1 e-bikes (pedal assist only). These are E-bikes with a motor that assists only when the rider pedals and stops assisting when the bike reaches 32 km per hour.  Power-assisted E-bikes (throttle only) that are capable of being propelled solely by its electric motor, are not allowed on our rides.  If you are looking to go super fast and not ride at the group pace, then a group ride is not for you.

At this time, e-Bikes are welcome in all ride groups. We will be monitoring this practice over time, and may change that policy based on feedback and experience. If/when the demand exists for e-bike only groups, we will look at forming e-Bike group rides. 

We don’t like the word “rules” but there is certainly some etiquette for e-Bikes that join our groups.  Please note the following:  

  • It’s not what you ride, it’s how you ride
  • Never overtake the ride leader or fall behind the sweep, and aim to ride at the group pace which will be determined by the Ride Leader.
  • Don’t flaunt your e-bike power, don’t be too talkative on long/steep climbs, some won’t have breath to talk
  • Choose the level of ride (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced/Expert) based on your technical descending capabilities, not whether you can keep up on the climbs.  The Ride Leader can advise which group will best suit if you have not ridden much with NSRide
  • It’s up to you whether you choose the faster climbing ‘Spicy’ group, or the more relaxed ‘Chill’ group, as long as you are confident that you can ride at that pace on both the climbs and the descents.
  • Ensure you have sufficient range in your battery for the planned ride duration, and allow additional margin for delays or a longer than anticipated ride.  This is typically 2.5hours for a weekday ride and 3.5 hours for a weekend ride.
  • Please read these guidelines and check the E-bike box (if available) when signing up for rides

Rides Schedules, RSVP and Logistics

Our regular riding season starts in mid-April and lasts until mid-September.  During the regular season, we have weekly group rides:  Tuesdays are women only and Co-ed Beginner Rides and Thursdays are Co-ed Rides for all groups Intermediate to Expert.  We also hold approximately two Weekend Rides, per month during the regular season.  Weekend rides give us the opportunity to explore trails outside the North Shore, such as Squamish, Whistler, Burke Mountain, etc.

Our ride schedule is posted on the NSRide website and each ride has a page with specific details for that ride.

Yes.  You can RSVP for rides on the ride page.  You will need a valid membership and to be signed into the website to RSVP.  RSVP for Thursday Rides and Weekend Rides is available the Sunday prior to the ride.  RSVP for Tuesday rides are available approximately two-weeks prior to the ride.  Although groups do fill up, we do our best to accommodate everybody and will adjust and add groups if possible.  Should your plans change, please remove your RSVP.

The meeting time and place are posted on the ride page for the specific ride.  Weekday rides rotate between Fromme and Seymour, so be sure to check the location.  Start times also change based on sunset (earlier in spring/fall and later in mid-summer).

Weekday evening rides are approximatley 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours depending on ride level and daylight.  Weekend rides can easily average 3 hours or more depending on the group level and weather conditions.

After rides, we meet at a local pub to re-fuel and re-hydrate.  Weekday rides meet at Seymour’s Pub and Weekend rides are dependent on location.  Weekend pubs can be found on the ride page. 

We offer all levels from Beginner to Expert for weekday rides.  We do our best to accommodate all levels for weekend rides as long as the terrain and conditions permit.  We typically have two groups per leve, one being “chill” and one being “spicy”.  The chill climbs a bit slower and the spicy likes to get to the top fast. 

That can be a tough question to answer.  First, take a look at the Riding Level & Trails page and see if you recognize any of the trails.  If you can ride most of the said trails, you are probably OK to join that group.  We usually recommend joining with a level lower than what you think.  Your decision can be evaluated with the Ride Leader at the end of the ride.

All ride leaders are experienced riders and are willing to help out with some tips and tricks to improve your riding.  However, we are not certified instructors, so we cannot provide mountain bike “instruction” during group rides.  There are several excellent instructional courses in the Vancouver area, including Endless Biking and Dirt Series.

The club does not “officially” run shuttles.  Although, on occasion, a group on a weekday ride may choose to shuttle.  Always come prepared and planning to pedal.

Suitable mountain bike helmets are definitely required for all group rides.  Elbow pads, knee pads and other protection is your personal preference.  That said, the vast majority of our ridders have, at minimum, knee protection.