A Ride Leaders Commitment

Each Ride Leader undergoes extensive training to ensure the safety of members by committing to a minimum of 68 volunteer hours per season to ensure the club runs efficiently:

  • 12 weekly evening rides = 24 hrs
  • 3 scheduled weekend rides = 20 hrs
  • 1 trail maintenance day = 6 hrs
  • 1 Ride leader training day = 3 hrs
  • 1 First Aid training day = 8 hrs

Ride leaders are all first aid trained
 and carry first aid kits on all rides.  Each leader undergoes a minimum of 8 hours of first aid training each year.

Each season ride leaders receive training in the clubs standard practices for leading safe and fun rides for members Ride leader Commitments.

First aid training = 8 hrs every 3 years

We set protocols to ensure fun & safe rides for everyone.

Before the ride

  • Greet the members and introduce yourself.
  • If your group is too big, see if it possible to split the group.
  • Check the membership card.
  • Group head count.
  • A quick visual check on all bikes and riders (ie flat tires, secure quick-releases, helmets, water, food, etc.)
  • Review the route with your group.
  • Ask the group if anyone has a medical condition that you should be aware of and if they have the appropriate medication with them.
  • Safety talk:  roles of the lead and sweep, waiting at intersections, what to do if get separated from the group.

During the ride

  • Stop at intersections, re-group, do a head count and check in with the sweep.
  • If a rider falls and is not injured, ask them to check over the bike before getting back on it.
  • Follow proper trail etiquette.
  • Ride within your limits.

Group Management

  • Monitor members for fatigue, overheating, discomfort, fear and dehydration.
  • Remind the riders to eat and drink regularly.
  • Keep the pace comfortable for the riders.
  • Keep group together.  Prevent members from spreading too far apart.
  • Give a description if any technical sections lie ahead.
  • Exercise caution when riders want to attempt challenges.

Post Ride

  • Group head count.
  • Thank the riders for coming and ask if they enjoyed themselves.
  • Remind members that after weeknight rides, we have discounts at Seymour’s Pub or the applicable restaurant after a weekend ride.
  • Ride Leader Jersey
  • Great Discounts with our main sponsor, Comor Sports
  • Other discounts with sponsors such as Chromag
  • Camaraderie of a great group of Mountain Bikers

Want to be a Ride Leader?

Email and tell us why you would make a great NSRIDE Ride Leader.

Applicants will be assessed by club directors on the trails and invited to become a ride leader if suitable and as vacancies arise.