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The homepage always lists the next upcoming ride in the top left. You can view a list of ride dates by selecting the ride category below. Or you can view all rides on our calendar.

Tuesday Beginner rides are open to members who are starting out or still learning to ride.  The pace will be slower than Thursday Co-ed Ride and you will be riding in a friendly and supportive group.  We welcome all beginner and beginner/intermediate level riders.

“Women Only” is a ride for women only, lead by women ride leaders.  It has always been a place where women can improve their skills and fitness while enjoying our beautiful West Coast forest.  Discover some new trails in the company of a friendly supportive and relaxed group of women riders.

On Thursday nights you have a choice!  Looking to improve your skills and trail knowledge with our beginner/intermediate group?  Feel like a little more technical challenge at a casual pace with our intermediate groups with some climbing involved, but also downhill trails?  How about a fast paced workout exploring the whole mountain with our advanced groups?  In any of our groups you will get to know the North Shore trails better and meet other riders of your calibre.  The Thursday Co-ed Ride offers a range of All-Mountain groups from Beginner-Intermediate, through intermediate and up to the Advanced level.  Find out more about our different riding levels and styles on the North Shore trails here.

If you are new to mountain biking, please join the Tuesday Co-ed Beginner ride.  The pace will be slower than Thursday Co-ed Ride and you will be riding in a friendly and supportive group. 

These rides happen about twice per month on weekends and are usually quite epic in nature.  The rides are organized in a way to accommodate several levels of riders and usually a couple of groups.  We offer weekend ride on the North Shore, in the Lower Mainland, and at some of the superb BC locations out of town.  Most of the rides will last from 3 to 5 hours, so you will need to have a well-packed backpack, full of food and water and a good fitness level.

Cumberland!  Usually falling over the August long weekend this trip sells out very quickly.  Register as soon as it opens if you are interested.

Due to lack of attendance the last 2 winters, we are not continuing weekly winter night rides. We may post impromptu night rides through the winter as the weather and interest dictates.

The night rides promise to bring lots of hootin’ and hollerin’!  These rides are offered locally and you will need to bring your own lights.  Keep riding through the winter and you will be ready to roll when the spring comes.  Thursday nights are Intermediate/Advanced level All-Mountain rides with climbing.

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